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The 14th Annual Meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics will be hosted by the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at University of Copenhagen on Friday November 11.


Programme Danish Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting Friday November 11



Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Dyrlægevej 100, 

Auditorie 1 (Stue etagen)

1870 Frederiksberg



Registration, Poster Mounting & Coffee


Welcome By The Organizers


Podium Presentations (Session 1)

Chair: Jessica Pingel

Each presentation will be 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes of discussion in English.

9:45-9:55 S01-1: Jessica Pingel, University of Copenhagen

3D Synchrotron imaging of muscle tissues at different atrophic stages in stroke and spinal cord injury: a proof-of-concept study


9:55-10:05 S01-2: Ilias Theodorakos, Aalborg University

On the incluence of the initial guess when estimating knee ligament properties via optimization procedures                  


10:05-10:15 S01-3: Bo E. Seiferheld, Aalborg University

A field evaluation of a passive upper-extremety exoskeleton for manual material handling in blade manufacturing


10:15-10:25 S01-4 *Student Competition: Nicki Lentz-Nielsen, Aalborg University
Categorizing Movement in Handball using inertial measurement Units with XGBoost                                           


10:25-10:35 S01-5 *Student Competition: Federica Rapelli, University of Copenhagen

Assessment of the effects of external pressure applied on the skin during ultrasound measurements of muscle thickness, echogenicity and pennation angle



Steno Lecture By Associate Professor Ernst Albin Hansen, Aalborg University




Podium Presentations (Session 2)

Chair: Peter Raffalt

Each presentation will be 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes of discussion in English.

11:45-11:55 S02-1: Lasse Schrøder Jakobsen, Aalborg University

Use and familiarization of a passive shoulder-exoskeleton in manual materials handling – A field study                                          


11:55-12:05 S02-2: Adrian Harrison, University of Copenhagen

Biomechanical testing of tension and creep in the Patellar ligament: A Canine post mortem study                                   


12:05-12:15 S02-3: Mathias Munk-Hansen, Aalborg University

Avoiding intra-subject variability during experimentally induced trips


12:15-12:25 S02-4 Mohammadjavad Einafshar, Aalborg University
Biomechanical evaluation of bone screw stability using acoustic modal analysis and conventional pull-out: An animal study                         


12:25-12:35 S02-5 *Student Competition: Frederikke Spedsbjerg, Aalborg University

The Effect of six weeks of back Squat training on dynamic strength index                                                                                                   

12:35-12:45 S02-6 *Student Competition: Elisa Jolas, Aalborg University

Simulated increase in monoarticular hip muscle strength reduces the first peak of knee compression forces during walking in healthy individuals          

12:45-12:55 S02-7 *Student Competition: Mathilde Gad, University of Copenhagen

The Equine Lateral Raphe: Multimodal verification and biomechanics  





General Assembly - Danish Society of Biomechanics


Podium Presentations (Session 3)

Chair: John Rasmussen

Each presentation will be 8 minutes followed by 2 minutes of discussion in English.

14:00-14:10 S03-1: Steen Harsted, Aalborg University & University of Southern Denmark

Dynamic lower limb alignment in preschool children                                                                                                       

14:10-14:20 S03-2: Peter Raffalt, University Of Southern Denmark

Electro-suit treatment of children with unilateral cerebral palsy alters nonlinear dynamics of walking                                                                                                          

14:20-14:30 S03-3: Yunsub Jung, Aalborg University

Comparison of MRI sequences for the automatic segmentation of knee structures


14:30-14:40 S03-4 Gong He-Zhao, Aalborg University
The effect of fatigue on dynamic stability control during stair descent                                                                                    


14:40-14:50 S03-5 Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd, University of Copenhagen

Differences in the fascia between dogs and horses and their impact on the biomechanics                                                          

14:50-15:00 S03-6 *Student Competition: Mads Præstegaard Sørensen, Aalborg University

Does the Choice of lower body strength test matter when calculating dynamic strength index?

15:00-15:10 S03-7 *Student Competition: Sebastian Svane, Aalborg University

The association between dynamic strength index and measures of sprint, change of direction and jumping ability      



Poster Session & Coffee

Poster 1 P01-1: Morten Bilde Simonsen, Aalborg University

Custom-made foot orthoses for Rheumatoid arthritis: Looking at responders and no responders                                                                                                                                                                   

Poster 2 P01-2: Jessica Pingel, University of Copenhagen

Non-invasive measurements of the mechanical properties of muscle tissue in canine and equine athletes using the Myoton Pro device


Poster 3 P01-3: Ernst A. Hansen, Aalborg University

The freely chosen cadence is increased during repeated bouts of submaximal cycling           


Poster 4 P01-4: Magnus K. Hyttel, Aalborg University
Age-related decline in power output reflecting aerobic potential in trained cyclists 


Poster 5 P01-5: Peter Raffalt, University of Southern Denmark Odense

Calculating sample entropy from isometric torque signals: Methodological considerations and recommendations                                                          


Poster 6 P01-6: L. Jakobsen , Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Footwear traction device with biomechanical loading conditions                           

Poster 7 P01-7: Adrian Harrison, University of Copenhagen

The efficacy of intermittent long-term bell boot application for the correction of muscle asymmetry in equine subjects                                                  

Poster 8 P01-8: Xiao-Zhou Luo, Aalborg University

The effects of three strength training methods on the lower extremety biomechanics and performance of sprinters during start acceleration      

Poster 9 P01-9: Gong-He Zhao, Aalborg University

Effects of leg fatigue on pelvis and trunk kinematics during stair ascent      

Poster 10 P01-10: Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd, University of Copenhagen

Equine myodural bridges - An Anatomical and integrative and functional description of myodural bridges along the spine of horses: Special focus on the atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial regions of leg fatigue on pelvis and trunk kinematics during stair ascent



Announcement of Student Award Winner


Official Closing


Refreshments & Networking



The price for attendance is DKK 75,-.

The price includes:

coffee, lunch and afternoon snacks

The attendence fee is waived for members of the Danish Society of Biomechanics (not student members). Please check your email for a coupon code to use for registration.


DOWNLOAD Abstract Template Here!

Abstract submission will open on Monday September 26

and closes Friday October 28.


All abstracts for the 14th DBS Annual Meeting must be submitted to: 


All abstracts must be submitted as PDF files and files should not be larger than 5 MB. The abstract is limited to one A4 size page.

Type font is Times New Roman or Times Roman 10 pt.

All abstracts should be formatted using our template.

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 Student Award

The purpose of Danish Society of Biomechanics Student Award is to recognize the work of BA, MSc or PhD students presenting their abstract in the student competition at our Annual Meeting

 The winner of the student award is selected by the attendance of the  Annual Meeting 

Mathias Vedsø


Muscle coordination during bench press is changed af 5 weeks of strength training: A Randomised controlled study

Morten Bilde



Effect of experimental tibialis posterior mucle pain on muscle recruitment: A parametric study

Patrick Mai

Mimicking game scenarios in a laboratory-based enviroment: the effects on knee abduction moment when facing varied task demands

Fillip G. Lysdal &

Kristian Mortensen

Estimating muscle forces and stress in hip adductors in Hoffenheim soccer players performing short passing using 3D modelling




Stephanie Mann

Activation level of left forearm and shoulder muscles during violin playing

Bo Eitel Seiferheld

Biomechanical investigation of a passive upper-extremity exoskeleton for manual material handling - a computational parameter study and modelling approach

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