The 14th Annual Meeting of the Danish Society of Biomechanics will be hosted by the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at University of Copenhagen on Friday November 11. 

More information will follow soon  

The price for attendance is DKK 50,-.

The attendence fee is waived for members of the Danish Society of Biomechanics. Please check your email for a coupon cose to use for registration. 

If you sign up for a membership, you will recieve a coupon code within seconds. 


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 Student Award

The purpose of Danish Society of Biomechanics Student Award is to recognize the work of BA, MSc or PhD students presenting their abstract in the student competition at our Annual Meeting

 The winner of the student award is selected by the attendance of the  Annual Meeting 

Mathias Vedsø


Muscle coordination during bench press is changed af 5 weeks of strength training: A Randomised controlled study

Morten Bilde



Effect of experimental tibialis posterior mucle pain on muscle recruitment: A parametric study

Patrick Mai

Mimicking game scenarios in a laboratory-based enviroment: the effects on knee abduction moment when facing varied task demands

Fillip G. Lysdal &

Kristian Mortensen

Estimating muscle forces and stress in hip adductors in Hoffenheim soccer players performing short passing using 3D modelling




Stephanie Mann

Activation level of left forearm and shoulder muscles during violin playing

Bo Eitel Seiferheld

Biomechanical investigation of a passive upper-extremity exoskeleton for manual material handling - a computational parameter study and modelling approach